Just Shoppers' Guide

This is an archive of the Guide, and is no longer updated
A series of informative bulletins on issues of ethical shopping.
Some information is specific to a New Zealand audience.

Created and published by Pat Scott, the web version includes links to further online information on each topic.

Shoppers Guide 1 - The Nestle Boycott

Shoppers Guide 2 - Sports Shoes

Shoppers Guide 3 - Tuna

Shoppers Guide 4 - Dioxin and PVC

Shoppers Guide 5 - Chocolate

Shoppers Guide 6 - Laundry Detergents

Shoppers Guide 7 - Updates on Nestle and on Tuna

Shoppers Guide 8 - Free Trade and the Clothing Industry

Shoppers Guide 9 - The Health and Politics of Soft Drinks

Shoppers Guide 10 - A Mixed Bag - Nike; Bananas; TNC's; Lobbying; Organic Food

Shoppers Guide 11 - Paper

Shoppers Guide 12 - Genetically Modified Foods

Shoppers Guide 13 - Timber

Shoppers Guide 14 - Updates on clothing

Shoppers Guide 15 - Batteries, and Updates on GMFs; Buy Nothing Day

Shoppers Guide 16 - Cotton

Buy Nothing Day - 26 Nov 2004

Some helpful questions - Questions to consider when buying products

Christian Science Monitor - This US newspaper has a useful article which gives an introduction to the issues of ethical shopping.

Alternatives to everyday harmful products

Glasgow Vegans ethical shopping page

Webbed by Stuart Sontier

The electronic version of Shoppers Guide has been taken directly from the paper version, with the permission of Pat Scott.

For further information contact:

Pat Scott
55 Riccarton Road
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