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Ranma ½ stories

Autumn and Spring
    Format: Drama
Abstract:   An eighty-five year old Ranma is mourning the death of his wife, when a figure from his past reappears and draws him into a final confrontation with an enemy he thought he'd never have to face again.
Awards: First Place:   Best Ranma ½ One-Shot of Month   (January 1998)
Fifth Place:   Best Ranma ½ One-Shot of Year   (1998)
Link: Read the Story     [180k]
Second Spring
Format: Drama
Abstract: The sequel to Autumn and Spring. Two years later, Ranma and Ukyou are searching for a cure for Shampoo. But the cure may come with an unexpected price …
Awards: First Place:   Best Ranma ½ One-Shot of Month   (February 1998)
Link: Read the Story     [49k]
The Journey: an Anime Romp
Format: Crossover, Humour
Abstract: Ranma ½ meets Jules Verne. The gang are off on a Journey to the Centre of the Earth. They think.
Links: Read Part 1     [11k]
Read Part 2     [13k]
Read Part 3     [21k]
Read Part 4     [16k]
Format: Alternate Universe
Abstract: What if … Genma and Soun tried to be subtle?
Awards: Third Place:   Best Ranma ½ One-Shot of Month   (August 1999)
Link: Read the Story     [13k]
The Replacement Ranmas
Format: Crossover, Humour
Abstract: It's Day 1 of the Ranma ½ storyline, and everything is ready to begin … but none of the regular cast seem to be around! Never mind, there seem to be some others here who are ready to stand in for the main characters. But can they do a good enough job to stop anybody from noticing? What do you think?
Read Part 1     [17k]
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Sailor Moon stories

Abstract: A dying wish sparks off a journey through time and space … and beyond.
Revised: 13 February, 1999
Links: Read the Story     [39k]
Sailor Moon 4200
Format: Serial
Abstract: The epic serial that is Angus MacSpon's best-known work.
What if Crystal Tokyo didn't survive nearly as long as everyone thought it would?
Link: Sailor Moon 4200 Page
Interlude, with Stars
Abstract: After the death of Sailor Pluto, her life takes an unexpected turn.
Links: Read the Story     [15k]
Sailor Moon : Circles of Time
Notes: This story is part of the "Sailor Moon: Circles of Time" shared-world continuity. Circles of Time is a multi-author epic that begins before the dawn of the Silver Millennium, and ranges to the far future of Crystal Tokyo … and beyond. Some aspects of this story may not make much sense without an idea of the events that surround it. You can find more about Circles of Time here. This story follows on from Richard Lawson's story That Time Will Come.
Abstract: A fourteenth-century abbey. A demon attack. In another world, another time, this is how the story might have gone …
Link: Read the Story     [2k]
Abstract: He only wanted to be perfect. But perfection has its price … and behind its mask may lie something altogether different.
Link: Read the Story     [5k]
Sailor Who?
Abstract: A casual discussion after an evening out takes an unexpected astronomical turn.
Link: Read the Story     [6k]

Other stories

To Please Bree
Series: Narnia
Abstract: Bree tackles an old worry. Set after the events of "The Horse and His Boy".
Links: Read the Story


These are short and silly "gag" stories. You have been warned.

Checking In A Typical Day …
  Series: Sailor Moon / Crossover   Series: Kekko Kamen / Crossover
Abstract:  It's time to check in wih Central Control again … Abstract:  It's just another day for the students at the Spartan Institute of Higher Education.
This Means War! Guilty Secret
  Series: Oh My Goddess!   Series: Ranma ½
Abstract:   Arguments can crop up over the littlest things. Abstract:   Just how does Kasumi cope with the stress of all the continual chaos at the Tendo Dojo?
The Quest Resumes Spring of Drowned …
  Series: Ranma ½ / Lord of the Rings (!)   Series: Ranma ½
Abstract:   The One Ring has been found again, and the Dark Lord, er, Sauron is on the move again! Abstract:   What if those springs worked slightly differently?
Nekohanten The Perils of Self-Insertions
  Series: Ranma ½   Series: Surprise!
Abstract:   A songfic. And that's about the best that can be said for it! Abstract:   Demonstrating just how dangerous self-insertions can be … for the insertee.
Old Friends The Battle of the Pelennor Fields
  Series: Ranma ½ / Crossover   Series: Lord of the Rings / Surprise!
Abstract:   A glimpse of Kasumi's secret past. Abstract:   The epic battle rages. King Théoden of Rohan has fallen to the dread Lord of the Nazgûl. Who now can hope to defy the darkness?
Prince's Princess Odyssey
  Series: Utena / Crossover   Series: Ranma ½
Abstract:   Might Wakaba have a hidden secret in her past? Abstract:   Dr Tofu's life story.
Sax and Time Anything You Can Do …
  Series: Ranma ½ / Sailor Moon / Others   Series: Ranma ½ / Sailor Moon
Abstract:   Akane's mother is really alive! But a trip to see her may reveal more than anyone expects. And is it really true what they say about leeks? Abstract:   Ranma decides to show the Sailor Senshi who's boss.
Genma vs Chuck Norris  
  Series: Ranma ½      
Abstract:   It's a battle of titans! Or something.    

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